I took the time to write everything below because I think we all have been in situations like this where we chase our tail trying to fix something only to spend time and money for no results. In all my years on this forum I have never written so much but I only comment real experiences. And this was a real experience for me and I don’t want anyone to waste their money.

I had an erratic idles and instantly thought it was the tune. I went to 2 shops that fiddled around with the tune and couldn’t really fix it. Nor had an idea how to. (money down the drain)

It was only until I took it to E-spec where Erkel took his time and methodically trouble shooted the problem. It didn’t hurt that the man has every part imaginable for an EVO X in his shop to eliminate suspect parts.

So a run down of what he did.

– He first did a compression test. STILL ERRATIC
– A proper boost leak test. (Another reputable shop did a smoke test and found nothing. $75 down the drain) Found a leak in the injector seals, in my Synapse DV and an intercooler coupler. Replaced the O rings which he had in stock, dismantled the DV and fixed it and tightened the coupler. STILL ERRATIC
– Replaced all of my relays in the fuse box with his relays which are known to be 100% good STILL ERRATIC
– Swapped out my injectors with his injectors which he knows are functional STILL ERRATIC
– Hard wired the fuel pump to a 12v source to eliminate any faulty wiring STILL ERRATIC

I cannot remember every step and in what order he did them in but he spent a ridiculous amount of time hunting down the problem properly. And a credit to him and his shop he was determined and did not accept any theory into why it was wrong he just systematically problem solved it. He also charged me a flat rate for the diagnostic which was far less than the actual time spent on the car.

At the end of the day it was a problem of a stretched timing chain and a cam shaft journal that was worn to the point where the cam shaft can be rocked lengthwise. Similar to crankwalk on the older DSM’s but it was the camshaft.

All in all I had a considerable amount of work done to make my car right. But I was communicated in realtime what was done and why. I know that all the work that was done (which I paid for) was done for a reason and done right. (diagnostic, machining of the cylinder head, labor, install tune)

Bottomline my car is running great, run super hard on road courses and I have peace of mind. Money well spent.


Patrick B

Hey guys, the general consensus is correct. The x tuned is a night and day comparison vs. stock. It definitely feels like a totally different car. The mod bug has deffinetly hit and all I can think about is my next round of mods and heading over to E-Spec for another tune. Which brings me to my E-Spec review.

Starting off Erkle is a great guy with a great family over at E-Spec. Everyone is very pleasant and hard working. Most importantly Urkel and his team posses a lot of knowledge and they do a professional top notch job. I had a Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband system with the LCD display installed and a tune done by Erkle.

The wideband install is very clean with neatly run wiring. The LCD was positioned best next to the A pillar on the dash. The visibility is perfect through your pariphials while driving in all lighting conditions. More to come within my upcoming Zeitronix wideband review. My greatest concerns; a clean wiring install and optimum LCD positioning/clean mounting job was executed by E-Spec excellently.

I don’t have a vast amount of experience with DSM’s so I can’t provide a technical analysis on the tune or observational comparisons to other tunes with similar mods. Perhaps others can chime in and fill the void after studying my dyno chart. I can state that the car feels great and pulls significantly harder vs. stock. The tune feels very stable and prior codes, asc light, thrown under wot are gone. (Torque maps issues after tbe install)

At the end of the day I recommend Erkle and the E-Spec family for your modding and tuning needs. Enjoy with confidence.

Current performance mods:
ETS TBE w/ open dump dp, test pipe.
GFB bov
Works air filter w/ stock box



Just wanted to say thanks to all the people at MAP and E-spec industries for taking care of me during my whole Ef4 build experience. These guys really do put up with alot from me. At Map I always drown Nate in questions and he’s always helpful. Mason always kept in contact and Chris Chase…… there’s no words for the amount that man has taken care of me. Guy goes so far out of his way to make me happy like he knows me personally mean while we’ve only talked through email. Great bunch, don’t need another parts company outside of them ever honestly.

Story is I decided last minute to do a stock block Ef4 setup and take it to Evo vs sti day March 11th at English town raceway in NJ. Map got me all the accessories I needed very quickly and even the turbo that got delayed unexpectedly they shipped it overnight to me to make sure I would be able to make the event. I got the turbo in the mail by 3pm Friday and finished installing it by midnight then I drove the car over to my tuner Erkle at E-spec inc for a tune at 3am!!. Craziest two days I’ve had in a long time I tell ya.

This story takes a tune for the worse for a little at this point fortunately. So I got to the track and after a huge delay and late start cause some pretty a$$ supra decided it wanted to burst into flames and spray oil from his sump system all over both lanes, I finally get to the line, stage, launch, cut a 1.80 60ft AND…… Car won’t go into 2nd or any other gear aparantly…..

Long story short 85 mile tow and and two days later we find out my clutch disc fused to the flywheel on the launch. My own fault really. That clutch masters fx400 disc isn’t meant to be babied and since Nov I haven’t used it beyond stop and go traffic. When I preloaded the disc at the line it must have heated up and glazed during the launch and stuck to the flywheel. For once my friends were right. I should have done a practice hole shot launch. It probably would have readied the disc.

In total $1400 dollar day for me and alot of stress but the guys at E-spec inc swooped in and helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. They towed my car home from the track (shout out to Rocko and his Dad for that) and replaced the messed up CM disc with an Act disc which is alot more daily driving friendly. They resurfaced my FW and PP, put in a new TOB and C-clip and now I have my car back and I’m happy again.

Way this car pulls on the Ef4 at 27ps with that 1.8 60ft I would have had 11’s. I’m going to make my way back to the track after my wallet heals alittle and put this thing to rest finally. But it’s just nice knowing if for some reason something else goes wrong I’m sure both these great companies will be there for me to help out. Thanks again guys!


John Q

The thought of getting rid of my car lately has really been crossing my mind due to the never ending work/ headache/ shit talking but after last night made me realize how many new friends/supporters I have gained in the past two years that really care. I’ve been through my fair share of tuners and I have never been so happy and satisfied with any of them except for my man Erkel Spec. This guy has gone above and beyond for me pulled crazy all nighters just to get my car or any of my customers cars up and running. As for the whole crew down at espec thanks for everything! #moreworklesstalk


Eric K

A friend of mine recommended a tuner that I was unfamiliar with, who had tuned his big turbo forester and was very pleased with the results.

Erkel-Spec (E-Spec) is really who this thread is about. Initially I was skeptical of him, only because I knew little about him. I was skeptical of speed density also.

I gave him a call, explained to him my mods and told him a previous tuner had trouble tuning my car because of phantom knock. Erkel instantly knew I had kelford cams in the car and told me he was confident in tuning them, knew how to handle them.

When I pulled the trigger and went with him, I knew practically NOTHING about tuning. Every number changed, every click of the mouse, every thought going through e-specs head about my tune was explained to me. I was left in the dark about nothing.

When searching for a tuner, coming to the realization you’re putting a large piece of your property in their hands can be nerve racking. This feeling was out the window when after every pull on the dyno I was called over to the car to have everything going on explained to me, in detail I might add.

Erkel Is a man who hides nothing, someone who gives an honest review on products and who actually appreciates you as his customer, he understands YOU have come to HIM. He didn’t put a gun to your head and make you chose him.

After speaking to him on a personal level, It’s been an honest pleasure to find out just how much he cares about his trade and the people that are involved with him. Its a true gem in a world that Ive found to be lackluster.

Hes taken the time to work out the slightest hiccups in my tune with a smile and open arms.

Oh and did I mention we made 506whp and 413wtq on dynojet, 93 octane and stock block? And he could have easily made more but kept it all toned down for my cars safety and longevity?


Mike K.

Well E-Spec came down to DC this past weekend to touch up on the driveability and cold start below 2k rpm since the car drove perfectly above that and made big power. The Pro Blade clutch is plain awesome. It drives like a stock oem clutch. Very light pedal, No chatter, lightning quick shifting and no noise since it is a single disc clutch. You can tell because there is absolutely no resistence of the syncros catching up between shifts even a redline. If you are feeling the syncros you should slow down the shifts or you are just plain wearing out your tranny.

We took the twisty winding off camber hilly back roads around my house to test the response of the new turbo and 2.4 motor and gave big Erkel a nice scare in the process…lol. The car is scary fast in the mid range and much more responsive than a T3 based GT35R type turbo. I didn’t need to floor the gas and wait for the turbo to catch up. The turbo was there even at half throttle. A very fun setup to drive with balls on the top. However, an EF3 or FP Green would be better on a 2.0 motor.There is really no need for more power unless you are drag racing.

I am real happy with the results of the SD tune considering this car has big cams, big intake manifold, big Throttle Body, 2150cc injectors and a built head. It takes a lot of time (a total of approx. 6 hours driving on and off the gas under 2k rpm) and patience to get such a setup to run like this. E-Spec is the real deal. He was able to tune all areas of the stock ecu map with a fine tooth comb. Power is nothing without total ECU control. Definitely doesn’t drive like an AEM Stand Alone ECU car. AEM is for race cars not street cars! I just wish ECU Flash had live tuning like AEM..ohh well.

Big Thanks Erkel for the Tune


Eric T.

I have to send a big Shout Out to Erkel and the guys at E-spec , they built me a new motor and tuned it and 3 months later my car is running great , sounds tough as hell and the tune he gave it is really good, great driveability and super fast., even with a lower boost and the switch to 93 octane my Evo 8 is still a UFO !


 I was looking to get a tune for a while but needed to save money for school. i was finally ready for a road tune and decided to call multiple shops but ended in them questioning me “is tuning an evo 7 the same as the others” I called and Erkel said he was positive he can and already did multiple 7’s. He answered all my questions without even me going to the shop. he was very responsive and helped me out with everything. It was difficult tuning my car because it has different software then USDM cars. He was basically writing the software from scratch and redoing it all. It took multiple days of him sitting on the computer just to get it done. Then tuning day came along and he did all the adjustments. trimming fuel levels, adding boost, adjusting ignition. he would not let me leave until everything was 100%. Even though he could have tuned 5 cars within the time he tuned mine, he charged me the same amount. I respect and appreciate the time he took and will definitely be going back for a re-tune when i add more parts. I am very satisfied with the car. It feels amazing. Stock boost levels on an evo 7 is 1.2 bar which is 17 pounds. i am not at 1.5 which is about 24. The car feels 10x healthier and a smooth boost curve, with more flow for the power level. Since it was a road tune, there is no sure numbers, so the people that ask, sorry to say, but i have none. haha.

Overall, Completely satisfied customer. Definitely Recommend
E-Spec all day.


Tom L.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast looking for a new shop/tuner, or a newbie looking to get into the game, look no further than E-Spec Industries. Erkel is the premier tuner in the greater NY area, and his shop and crew are absolutely top notch. From the moment you meet him and the rest of his talented staff, you’ll know you’re in good hands – E-Spec FTW!!!


Rome M.

So, I finally made it out here from Queens. After spending 9 months getting back into the car scene and Evo scene at that so many shops out there to choose from but none make you feel like there family and very sharp team of workers. Communication is excellent here and you will be taken care of. I came in for a tune and fix my erratic idle. Found the my timing chain was stretched and had it in stock and fixed. Thanks Erkel and team E-spec!
awd king
With a new year upon us, and 2013 in the books, I would like to reflect on how positive and grateful I am for the last 365 days.
To my Friends at E-Spec Industries; Gregory Christopher Jesse Anson, Perry and Steven Rocco Thank You for all the Hard Work, Time, and Dedication you guys put into my car. You guys ARE The Backbone of the shop. “Without legs” the body cannot run!” Keep up the Amazing work !
Erkel Spec you my dude are a man of MAGIC. In the racing community, coming across someone you can trust can seem scarce at times. Taking the hour plus drive is a No Brainer when it comes down to the bottom line: Getting the job done correctly. I am more than pleased with how you and Shinobu Spec have treated my car, Nelcy, and Myself. 
The 3am nights spent tuning right before an event will NEVER be forgotten. Your customer service and knowledge is Impeccable. You can rest assured that I will continue to do business with you in the future and I look forward to the endevours in the 2014 Race Season and Reppin’ the E-Spec Familia to the Fullest.
Nelcy Garcia my bestfriend/co-pilot/pit crew/photographer/Love etc.. Words can never explain how special you are to me. The bond we share is one-of-a-kind and Rare. Having a women that supports my go fast addiction is amazing. From the countless trips back and fourth to Long Island with (or without) me, standing/sitting in the blazing heat or freezing cold at the track, letting me hold down your car for months, and also u dieing of starvation. You do it all for Me and I love you for that. Without You, None of this would be possible. Xoxo. 
To all the love and support I get from the Facebook / Instagram World, Thank You. 
To all the Haters; be patient, the funs just getting started. You aint seen nothing yet 
Erkel treats you like family because at E-Spec we are family. Always by your side. Best shop hands down. Never have I ever been proud to represent anybody like E-Spec. #moreworklesstalk